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Civilization almost collapsed... We found ourselves powerless, the entities destroyed everything in their path. All conventional weaponry was useless...

Only when we discovered what they were would we be given the means to fight back.

We clawed back from the brink of annihilation...

But our fight is far from over.

We are the Entity Investigation and Research Institute.

A challenging JRPG with a varied list of enemies and items to discover.


  • 160 entities to research
  • 60 bosses!
  • 10 ultra-rare Visitors
  • Over 150 items
  • Over 60 skill cards
  • Unlock over 20 moves 
  • Timed turn-based battle system
  • Send Patrols to collect loot
  • Over 90 achievements
  • Over 30 songs recorded live on analog synths!
  • Loads of other stuff!

Soundtrack Vol.1